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It’s something I get asked about sometimes, but probably not as often as I should. And I know it’s something a lot of people have never heard of or didn’t realise that they needed. It doesn’t cost a lot and covers you in the event of you having to cancel or re-arrange your wedding due to illness or other extreme circumstances, supplier failure or any extra liability cover if you need it. With all the news around the Coronavirus being quite scary, today’s headlines speak about a potential three month shutdown of events and public activities for example, having insurance for the biggest and most costly day of your life is important. Here’s a little bit of advice from and please consider it if you have your wedding booked, some policies even cover you for things you’ve already booked!
Posted on 1st June 2020

Coronavirus Statement 13.3.20

As per the government guidelines there have been no restrictions placed on events so as far as I’m aware it’s business as usual. Please can I ask that you be mindful of the official advice regarding the spread of this virus, and if you are feeling unwell or have any concerns about yours, or my, health then please inform me prior to any appointments. I’m happy to rearrange initial or pre-wedding appointments should you have any concerns. I can also conduct pre-wedding appointments via telephone or email if you would rather not meet face to face. If you’ve not already booked your pre-wedding appointment and are getting married in April please get in touch to get that arranged and I’ll be seeing you all soon!
Posted on 1st June 2020

Commercial Photography

Did you know I also offer commercial photography? Check out my commercial page VR Commercial Photography for some sample images of what I can provide for your business. All jobs are priced competitively and uniquely, I’ll work around your individual requirements and budget. Get in to touch for a quote!
Posted on 1st June 2020

Coronavirus Statement 17.3.20

As the situation in the UK develops I’m sure everyone is worried about what this means for weddings this year. And unfortunately, there seems to be no answers yet. As much as I’m hoping that there will be no disruption no-one knows what’s going to happen. At present, there are no restrictions on events so as far as I’m concerned I’m ready and willing to work. Should a ban come into place then decisions will need to be made. Postponement seems the best and most likely option, and I want to work with you to ensure that you get the wedding that you want so I ask that as soon as you have an idea that you may be postponing, to please get in touch and let me know. The sooner I have notice of this, the sooner I can advise you of available dates to swap you across to. With everyone working together; venues, venue dressers, florists etc. you stand the best chance of being able to keep all the suppliers you’ve already booked. It’s a worrying and difficult time, one like I’ve never known in nearly 13 years of being a wedding photographer. I’m here if you need to chat, just send me a PM ??
Posted on 1st June 2020

Coronavirus Update 19.3.20

For anyone who are considering postponement, just to let you know I do have weekend availability for mid-late 2020. My best advice if you’re wanting to swap your wedding date is to double check my availability before confirming dates with your venue(s). I can give you all available options to enable the best chance of being able to swap your booking across. I don’t mind if we go back and forth a few times over the course of a day to get you a date suitable for everyone! Government advice is changing daily and I’m doing my best to keep myself informed of any new guidelines and restrictions. It’s an uncertain and worrying time, stay safe and send me a PM if you want to discuss your booking.
Posted on 1st June 2020

Coronavirus Update 20.3.20

As the government has officially closed bars and restaurants we have confirmation that some upcoming weddings may not be going ahead on their intended date. My thoughts are especially with my bride and groom who were supposed to be getting married tomorrow who only found out this evening that their wedding couldn’t go ahead. And to everyone who I’ve spoken to this week, reassured and rearranged, I’m so sorry that it has come to this. But at the same time, it’s important that we all follow the government’s guidelines. I’ll be in getting in touch with my upcoming weddings next week, if I’ve not already spoken to you this week, or feel free to call me over the weekend if you’d like to speak with me sooner. Stay safe ??
Posted on 1st June 2020

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