Men's engagement rings?

I’ll admit, when I recently saw this on a friend’s wedding blog I was a little surprised. Mainly because I had never heard of any man having one, never seen anything other than a wedding ring on a man’s finger, and because the entire idea kind of goes against everything we’ve ever known about engagement. An engagement ring goes on a woman’s finger, preferably bought from that lovely little shop with the blue boxes and white ribbons.

But this, in turn, leads to the man having no token to show that he is engaged. Which does seem a little bit mean!

A popular high street jewellers, not the one with the blue boxes and white ribbons, added a range of men’s engagement rings to its collection over two years ago now, but I can honestly say I have never seen a man wearing an engagement ring. My friend’s fiancé had to ask my friend to buy him an engagement ring because he wanted one. And why shouldn’t he? With weddings costing increasingly more and more money, weddings can often be planned for two or three years in the future. For those two or three years, a woman has an outward symbol to show that she is engaged, but the man has nothing to show until his wedding day.

And that’s a bit sad really.

But, in the time that we live in I can’t help feeling that as nice as it sounds for a man to want an engagement ring or a woman to go out independently and buy her man an engagement ring; the man may end up being the focus of a few jokes from his friends or co-workers. Let’s face it; romance like we see in films and read about in books very rarely appears in real life. I for one can’t remember when I was last swept off my feet by a handsome prince on horseback!

The idea of his and hers engagement rings is lovely, but I do worry that the meaning of it will be lost, especially when the man goes down to the pub or off to watch the football with his mates. Most likely, the gesture and what it means to the couple may end up being lost and it would be a shame for the man not to get the attention a woman gets when she shows off her engagement ring for the first time.

But I hope, for the sake of equality and in the spirit of what an engagement ring represents that more men do want to have an engagement ring, weddings have changed throughout the years and there’s no reason why engagements can’t do the same.

Posted on 16th August 2011 in Wedding Help

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